We are always careful and cautious with our customers’ items and we very rarely have damage on our jobs, but in the event we are responsible for damage to your property we can refund the replacement cost of the damaged item up to 35% of the total price of your job. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for damage to particle board items, house plants, or damage caused by furniture that will not fit through a tight space without being taken apart. We are not able to pack or move jewelry or cash. We are not able to re-assemble baby cribs. Lastly, we can’t accept responsibility for items that are left behind at the pickup location, or misplaced after the move, so please do a walk through with our movers before they leave the pickup location and again after completing the move to confirm all your items are accounted for and in good condition.

Flat Rate Policy

Your flat rate quote is based on the exact description of your move in your form submission. If there are additional items we will adjust on site at the rate of $1.00-$2.00 per cubic foot; generally $5 per medium box or equivalent. This is the same rate as if the items are marked off in advance. The flat rate quote does not include packing or disassembly of furniture unless noted in the initial quote. Remote moves or working with a proxy will also add an additional charge. If there are items that require dis/re-assembly, such as bed frames, large wardrobes, etc, our rate is $25 per 15 minutes. If you’d like to handle these yourself please do so prior to the crew's arrival. If there are additional flights of stairs there will be a charge of $25 per flight per 250 cubic feet. If we have to move your items over 150 feet from our truck to their destination, due to construction on your block or an extremely long hallway, for example, there will be a long push charge of $25 per 50 feet additional distance per 400 cubic ft of inventory. If we are delayed from completing a job while on site, waiting for a locksmith for example, we will charge $25 per 15 min for wait time. Generally, the more prepared our customers are in advance the better we can anticipate and avoid obstacles on the day of your move. We take great pride in our reputation as honest, hard working movers, and aim to complete every move as efficiently and safely as possible.


Parking tickets suck! But they're an unfortunate reality of driving in the city. We do our very best to avoid them but in the event that there isn’t legal parking in front of your building we will park in the best spot to complete your move – often having to risk getting a ticket. It often helps if you have a friend or partner available that’s willing to sit inside the driver seat of the vehicle while the crew loads up. For most tickets we require the customer to split the cost, usually $50. If there is a bike lane or bus stop in front of your building, however, or if you live in the Financial District or Midtown, Manhattan (between 1st and 8th Ave, 14th and ‪60th Street‬, inclusive) the customer is responsible for the **total cost of the ticket.**

Payment & Gratuity

Payment is due upon completion of the job via cash or card (4% processing fee). If you're completely satisfied with your job 15-20% gratuity is much appreciated. You can calculate this from the job total. The foreman will handle all payment and tips.